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Fiber Panels


Fiber panels are bright band absorber panels absorbing from mid to high frequencies. Classical design in a robust MDF frame, covered with soft fabric, makes this panel suitable for all kind of rooms where neutral design is needed. This panel is delivered with mounting profiles for hanging on walls, but with 4 little screw hooks, you can easily mount it to ceiling as well.


120x60x6 cm (SKU : FP_*color sku)

High quality polyester acoustic foam, fire resistant FMVSS302
Soft fabric

White > sku : wh / Black > sku : bk / Red > sku: rd / Blue > sku :bl /Grey > sku :gy / Burgundy > sku : bgn / Beige > sku : bg


Mounting: screwing to wall mounting profiles included; for ceiling you will need 4 little hooks and screw it into the frame

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