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Sonitus d.o.o. and its brand Sonitus Acoustics is a young company directed by young people. Perspective and full of ideas as we are, we are always working on a new products.

Sonitus Acoustics Croatia

We started with some main products regarding acoustics 2 years ago. Now we are listing more than 20 products in 2 product lines. Sonitus Acoustics PRO and Sonitus Acoustics HILINE. Both lines are made of high quality Polyester acoustic foam which is more resistant to abrasion and other external conditions than the often used Polyethilen (also just called Polyurethane) foam. The main differences between those lines is the fire retardant standard, HILINE UL94-HF1, PRO - FMVSS302. HILINE also offers a bit better absoprition in law frequencies. Our third line called VILIS is just in progress and that line will be the budget solution made of Polyethilene foam.


We wish to cover everyone`s needs, from hoby to high end.

We are preparing a lot of news, so please visit our website again!

Some updates in next few weeks :

* lab tests with absoprtion and diffusion coeficients for all products
* 3D room models with instalation manuals and suggestions which products could be good for you
* Sonitus Acoustics VILIS line - acoustics foam for everyone´s budget


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