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NEWS / 26.5.2022.

We're back from High End Munich 2022!

After few years we finaly got a chance to introduce several of our new premium products at a Münich show we always love to attend.

Visilio, Wave-X, PET Frame and PET Frame Print were all very well accepted at the this year show.

Visilio, with a sophisticated and trendy design combined with high performance acoustic absorption material on the back and veneered CPL laminate on MDF at the front. Standard size of one panel is 1200x600x41mm which includes 25mm Premium grade PET absorption plates. Maximum lenght of panel is possible up to 3000mm in one piece and thickness of the PET Premium absorption plate can be chosen on demand between 12, 25 or 40 mm

Wave-X is our low-mid to high frequency absorber, modernly shaped and has a class A sound absorption (ISO354). It is a combination of  PU acoustic foam with increased hardness laminated with a high quality PET fabric layer. Due to its 3mm MDF plate on the back side it is easy to hang but also our Acoufix glue or Magnetic Mounting System can be used for mounting. 

Timeless design, descreet and effective, those are the best words that describe our PET Frame acoustic panels. 8mm frame is constructed out of MDF and visible front is fabricated from the PET Premium absorption plate. It's combined with different layers of material so results with a high level of acoustical absorption.

If you need a customized picture or photo on your sound absorption panel then our PET Frame Print is just the right thing for you. It's only 33mm thick and can fit into any space (just like the picture but with a great sound absorption). It's constructed from 8mm MDF frame and 25mm thick PET Premium absorption plate.

Frame colors for both PET Frame and PET Frame Print are available in black or grey color.

All of the mentioned new products are available in several colors, you just need to pick the one you prefer.


For all additional info about products you can check our updated website or just feel free contacting us directly through e-mail, we're here to help.

Cheers and thank you all for visiting our booth, hope to see you again next year!